Toetche: Cake recipe for dirty maid


The Toéchté is a homemade cakes or tart cream cakes baked and eaten on various occasions. This cream cake comes from the Swiss Jura where the salted cream cake is a true tradition. The Toétché this eats during various aperitifs but also during a death or a marriage and especially during the Feast of the Saint Martin.


Jura Suisse – St-Ursanne


The Toétché a surprising taste!

Indeed, those who are not accustomed to consuming toétché or salted cream cakes will be surprised. of a because it is salty and that is indeed the only cake of this kind in all Switzerland, and even in France the household cake is mainly sweetened.

and secondly because the real cream cake is a bit tart, I must say that many do not like it because of this tangy note and a lot of Baker prefers to prepare it with a fresh and unripened cream.

To ripen a cream simply leave it to a hot spot (radiator in winter or ambient temperature in summer) at least 8 hours stirring occasionally.


Toétché recipe

The toétché recipe of bakeries This is done mainly with a bread dough with milk powder. But in this recipe I'll give you a simple bread dough recipe with whole milk.

Skim milk powder is mainly used to avoid having a paste too acid and also for an indirect fermentation. But as we will directly use our bread dough we will put good Swiss milk.

Of course several recipes are also available on the Internet and some keep it jealously for them. Anyway if you wish to share your recipe we can always add it to this one. Did not hesitate to comment on this article and even share it on social networks.




Toétché recipe

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Serves: 4 Cooking time: 1 h 30


  • 250 g whole milk
  • 500 g flower flour Type 400
  • 35 butter
  • 10 g salt
  • 10 g sugar
  • 25 Baking yeast
  • 180 whole Cream 35% or 33%
  • 80 eggs
  • 1 g salt



We start by making our bread dough recipe, in a mixer mixer, mix in first gear for 8 to 10 min all the ingredients that make up the bread dough. Knead 8 min Until a smooth dough is obtained.


Divide your dough including a dough of 400 ball for a cm cream cake of diameter. With the rest you can make balloons or another smaller cream cakes. Let your dough 400 rest under a cloth (avoids the crusty dough).


About 15 minutes after lowering your dough (about 3 mm) so that it is circular to darken it into your previously greased cream cake pan. Let it sit under a linen to raise your dough.


Once your dough lifted up the edge of your cream cakes, brown the edge and stung the center of your cake with a fork.


Prepare the whole cream by whipping it to the mixer, your cream should be aerial add the eggs and salt. Pour the mixture into your raised cakes. Spread the mixture evenly.


Bake in an oven at 200-220 ° C rotating heat, cook about 18 to 20 minutes (depends on your oven).


Debake and demould directly onto a grate.


It is important to directly shape your dough from 400 to ball when the dough has finished kneading. This avoids blistering when baking.Demoulding your cake directly prevents you from having a wet cake background.

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